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How To Create A WordPress Website

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world web green iconGrade your website performance, mobile display, SEO, and security with this easy to use and understand website grader by HubSpot.  Designed for the non-technical, the report generates an easy to read page with scores for each of the tested areas. Recommendations for improvement are at the end of the report. Each performance score has an overview and a "read more" link that directs you to an in-depth article that explains the section in more detail.

website grader testGenerate a free in depth speed performance report from GTMetrix for individual website pages. This very useful report will give you an overall page load time and timings for individual elements during page load.  Grade your web page on elements and technologies such as images, css, javascript, external requests, various optimization techniques, your web server for response times, and much more. The report will also compare your website grades to an average of websites tested. There is also a Pro paid service for monitored performance reporting.

cloud blue iconTest your website name and IP address with this DNS testing tool from WhatsMyDNS to determine how accessible your website is throughout the world. This DNS propagation test is particularly useful if your website is new or your website has migrated to a different provider. Enter your website name and test the "A" record to check your webserver IP address works and test the "CNAME" to check your website name is resolved.

target seo iconSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of web design to get your website indexed by search engines and ranked as a quality site. The Varvy SEO tool produces an easy to read report on several important aspects such as Googlebot access, mobile display, security and accessibility to your website.

mobile darkblue iconIf your website is not mobile friendly then it can impact on your search engine ranking. Perform a test using the Google Mobile-Friendly tool. The report will list un-friendly elements and additional resources for fixing any issues.

code green iconTest your HTML, CSS, and Javascript on a live website at CodePen. You can build web pages for testing before adding to your live site. There are many categories of Pens and Projects to find inspiration from creations that have been developed by existing members.
Another similar site is from JSFiddle where you can also code and test ideas.

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